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PPI Claims Specialists

Join the thousands of people who have already pursued PPI claims and claimed back their money because they were mis-sold a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Policy with their loan or credit card. With our No Win, No Fee* service you can be sure that making a PPI claim is quick and easy and with absolutely no upfront costs. Apply online now to start your PPI refund claim today or call us on 0845 293 2873 to speak to one of our PPI claims management team.

PPI Claims explained.....

If you've wandered onto this site in some confusion as to what Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) actually is, as well as in which ways it could possibly be mis sold and what those people who feel that they may have become borrowers can possibly do about it, you've certainly come to the right place. Our experts here at Go Claim PPI explore all of these questions and more in our comprehensive introduction to PPI Claims.

First of all, what is Payment Protection Insurance? The answer is that PPI is an insurance product that comes with loans, credit cards and mortgages and that is designed to protect those people who are rendered unable to make their repayments for reasons such as unemployment, illness or injury. So far sounds like a great idea - or so you might imagine? The sad truth, however, is that many lenders have actually been mis selling PPI in vast
numbers over the past decade, with the result being great numbers of borrowers are entitled to as much as thousands of pounds' each in compensation.

Customers of these lenders may be entitled to compensation for any of a wide range of reasons. It may be the case that PPI was added to a mortgage or loan without the borrower even being made aware of it, whilst many others are sold their PPI on the basis of it being compulsory. Put simply PPI isn’t compulsory, indeed it never has been. Another way in which PPI can be mis sold is if the borrowers policy doesn't cover the full term of the loan, whilst another possibility is that a self-employed person is sold a PPI policy that doesn't even cover them. Indeed, most PPI policies not only fail to cover the self-employed but also exclude students and pensioners, so if you belong to any of these groups, you have potential reason for alarm.

Of course, these aren't the only ways in which PPI can be mis sold and that’s why there are now so many people making PPI claims. Those people who had certain medical conditions at the time of purchasing PPI may also have reason to double-check their loan or mortgage's small print. Those with heart conditions, diabetes, back problems or a history of stroke may all effectively be excluded from payouts by many policies. Many have also been mis sold PPI over the past decade due to a failure on the lender's part to fully explain the costs of PPI.

Now, if you've been reading all of this and are wondering whether you could be one of the many millions of Britons that are entitled to make a PPI mis selling compensation claim, you'll be pleased to know that an ethical PPI company exists in the form of Go Claim PPI. Here at Go Claim PPI, we not only do everything 'by the book' but also provide each of our clients with a high level of customer service. These are all particularly important given that many of the banks have actually been attempting to discourage customers that have been mis sold PPI from taking advantage of the services of claims specialists such as ourselves.

There are several additional reasons to choose our PPI claims services. We offer a no win, no fee service* that ensures no financial risk to you and we have a strong track record of pursuing and winning the compensation that borrowers deserve. Remember though, that the time that the PPI claims process takes can vary widely depending on such factors as the lender, the paperwork that you have and the general complexity of the case. It could take as little as a few weeks, or as much as eight months or more.

Whichever company that you choose with which to make your PPI claim - and we certainly hope that it's us! - choosing such a firm can certainly have major benefits over trying to pursue the claim yourself. With Go Claim PPI, you can expect an efficient and assured service, combined with the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled.

Client Testimonials

I would like to thank you for all your help in retrieving all money due to me.
Ann J Steel

I was not expecting that amount and it helped us a lot financially.
M Durbin

I am very satisfied with the claim and would not hesitate to recommend any person in the same predicament.
Roger Alan Willes

I cannot praise you highly enough for the service you have given me.
Sheila Dolton

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Lloyds investigated over handling of PPI claims
Britons with an interest in making a payment protection insurance (PPI) claim will be interested by the news that Lloyds Banking Group is under investigation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) over its handling of complaints about the mis-selling of PPI.
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Lloyds customers urged to press on with PPI claim
Are you a Lloyds TSB customer who has had their PPI complaint rejected even though you believe you were mis-sold? If so – fight on! An undercover investigation has found evidence of poor training and other failures in Lloyds complaint handling.
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