Tell us the name of your bank & we'll check PPI on EVERY Credit Card, Loan or Mortgage you've EVER had - No Account Numbers Needed!

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"Tell us the name of your bank & we'll check PPI on
EVERY Credit Card, Loan or Mortgage you've EVER had
- No Account Numbers Needed!"

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Barclays Barclaycard Blackhorse Capital One
Halifax HBOS HSBC Lloyds
MBNA Natwest Northern Rock RBS
Santander Tesco Yorkshire B. S. Nationwide

Complaints Procedure

It is our policy to provide all our clients with a first class service, but it is possible that either through misunderstanding or an unknown drop in service standards you may feel that we are not providing the level of service you require.

How to make a complaint 

Complaints may be made in writing, by e-mail, by telephone or in person at our offices.

We will send you a written or electronic acknowledgment of a complaint within five business days of receipt, identifying the person who will be handling the complaint on our behalf together with details of our internal complaints handling procedures.  Wherever possible,  that person will not have been directly involved in the matter which is the subject of the complaint, and will have authority to settle the complaint including offering redress where appropriate.

Within eight weeks of receiving a complaint we will send you:

  1. A final response which adequately addresses  the complaint, or;
  2. A response which explains why we are still not in a position to offer a final response, giving reasons for the delay and indicating when we will be able to provide a final response, and also informing you that you can then complain to the Legal Ombudsman.

Where we decide that redress is appropriate, we will provide you with fair compensation for any acts or omissions for which we have been responsible and will comply with any offer of redress which you accept. Appropriate compensation will not always involve financial redress. 

If you are not satisfied with our response, or if your complaint is not resolved after eight weeks, you may refer the complaint to:

Legal Ombudsman
PO Box 6806


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Lloyds Group

Put aside £7.5 billion so far - estimated £1.4 billion still unpaid!

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HSBC Group

Put aside £1.5 billion so far - estimated £650 million still unpaid!

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Put aside £538 million so far!

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Has put aside £1738 million!

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Royal Bank of Scotland

Put aside £2.2 billion so far - estimated £900 million still unpaid!

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Put aside £2.6 billion so far - estimated £1 billion still unpaid!